Towards Gender Equity In Education

Empowering girls and young women in Ghana

In Ghana, Lensational is collaborating with KickStart Ghana, a UK and Ghanaian registered charity/NGO based in Ho, that works to enhance educational opportunities for Ghanaians. The Lensational programme in collaboration with KickStart Ghana targets teenage girls and young women.

Our joint mission with KickStart Ghana is to offer photography workshops as an extra-curricular education opportunity, enabling the girls to tell their own stories through the powerful tool of photography, and encouraging them to stay committed to their educational aspirations.

Education and gender questions in Ghana

“Wider advances towards gender equality in education more broadly require a shift in approach above and beyond counting the numbers of boys and girls in school. For example, attention needs to be given to how education can empower girls and boys, women and men, to challenge forms of gender discrimination they may experience in their families, communities and society more broadly. To enable more girls to continue education beyond primary level, practices that currently contribute significantly to high drop-out rates for girls, especially in upper primary school level, need to be addressed. These include: damaging socio-cultural practices (e.g. forced marriage, gender stereotyping, or the betrothal system); discriminatory practices in schools and gender-insensitive teaching; school related gender-based violence; child fosterage; early marriage; teenage pregnancy; and parental neglect.” (UN Ghana’s MDG 3 Brief)


Workshop facilitators

Francis Kokoroko is a Ghanaian photographer inspired by cultures and the everyday life in Africa. Check out his work here: Follow him on Tumblr and Instagram.

Abeline Bentzon is a photographer from Denmark. She has been travelling the world, and worked, amongst others, on a documentary photography project in India with an orphanage. Check out her work here:

Doris Anson-Yevu aka Kafui is a Ghanaian photographer and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Photowalk Ghana and works as Brand Communications Lead at Impact Hub Accra. Find her work on Flickr. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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