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Make a donation or become a Lensational Patron

You can donate directly to support Lensational’s programmes. Every contribution goes a long way given the volunteer-led nature of the organisation, and we’ll keep track of your impact and stay in touch with you regularly.

Through our three different Patrons Packages, you can also become a privileged donor with substantial impact, ranging from funding new workshops and exhibitions, to opening new programmes:
1. Supporter – £500
2. Benefactor – £5,000
3. Patron – £10,000
As a Patron, you will have special access to the organisation’s output, and your  name will be mentioned on our website.

Your gift will have a lasting impact

1. Gender equality & empowerment : Lensational has a global footprint and a track record of high and disruptive impact, so your contribution will go really far and wide toward gender equality. Read more about our impact in 2017 here.

2. Sustainable impact: Lensational has a sustainable business model, so your gift is a hand up, not a hand down, to the women whom we work with. You contribution will have a lasting and systemic impact on their lives.


Patron Impact

Supporter – £500: 25 cameras benefiting 25 women who can now own cameras.
Benefactor – £5,000: Two new workshop locations, benefiting 30 women, and an exhibition for participants to be recognised in their community.
Patron – £10,000: A full time Programme Manager position, which can oversee 5 programme locations to empower 500 women in total.
Learn more about our Patrons Packages

Still unsure about donating? Contact our partnerships manager Sherry Wang at to discuss the impact of your gift in more detail!