Our Programmes


Through our programmes, we empower marginalised women in the developing world to share their unheard stories, gain confidence, and develop a base of strength through participatory photography and video training.

The Lensational model:

1. Camera recycling: our participants are equipped with second-hand digital cameras that we collect from individuals and corporates.
2. Photography and video workshops: Each workshop is run by a professional photographer or videographer, and follows a thoroughly developed curriculum adapted to the specific context of each training. The sessions cover basic camera techniques, emotional expression and storytelling.
3. Sales: Photographs taken by our participants are sold via our gallery and corporate sales partners. 50% of revenue goes back to the participants; 50% goes back to Lensational.
4. Continuous training: Following the basic training participants can choose to receive mentoring and on-going training from professional photographers represented by Getty Images and Magnum Foundation via Lensational.


We conduct photography and digital training for marginalised women in partnership with local partners. Lensational has published a manual that guides trainers in the 8-hour standard training, which covers basic camera techniques, emotional expression and storytelling.

To scale the training further, we have developed a vocational wedding photography module and are in the process of developing a mobile photography module.


We promote our women's photographs and voices during exhibitions and events, inviting viewers to experience the world through their lens.

Our students’ work have been exhibited at galleries including the London Rich Mix Cultural Centre, Espaccio Gallery and Art Represent, and at art fairs, such as the Affordable Art Fair, and the Chennai Photo Biennale.


Our students' photographs are sold through our online photography platform and through our corporate partners, with revenues going back to them and our training.

50% of the revenue from each photograph goes directly back to the photographer and the other 50% is reinvested in our programmes. Visit our online photography platform!


We elevate the voices of marginalised women and girls who otherwise remain unheard to the global stage in our online campaigns, through partnerships with key media and institutional stakeholders, and whilst speaking at global events.

Our women’s stories have been shared with over 14,000 followers on social media, and in global outlets including the Guardian, BBC News, ABC News, and TEDx, and at events, including the Clinton Global Initiative in New York.