Lensational’s impact can be divided into three categories: emotional empowerment, economic empowerment, and advocacy

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1. Emotional empowerment

Our testimonials and the focus groups we conducted with programme participants have highlighted the emotional and therapeutic impact of our work. Our preliminary findings have shown that participants feel greater self-confidence and pride after having received training with us. Further, participants have felt that their ability to express themselves and share their own feelings have accrued with photography training.Finally, many of our programme participants have developed and maintained a social network and friendships after the workshops, lowering feelings of isolation and loneliness, which are common in the communities we work with.

2. Economic empowerment

Lensational has sold more than £3,000 of photographs since our launch. 50% of each sale goes directly to the photographer and 50% is re-invested in Lensational to further programme work and continuous support. We have plans to scale sales significantly in order to increase the economic empowerment of our photographers. We have secured strong corporate partners such as Getty Images, Affordable Art Fair, Standard Chartered and a global beverage company in order to do so. By 2018, Lensational aims to reach a 50-50 funding model between grants and earned income. We have also developed on-demand modules in stock photography, videography, photography services such as wedding photography, journalism, and entrepreneurship, so women participants can continue learning new skills with us as they grow their own portfolio.

3. Advocacy

Through engaging with a wide array of stakeholders on our social media platforms, in the press, and during events and conferences, we raise awareness of the issues faced by the women we work with and challenge gender and cultural stereotypes. Since launching in 2013, Lensational’s social media platforms have grown substantially to total over 14,500 fans across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium. Our posts have reached a total audience of over 1 million, and engaged over 25,000. Our work has been featured in respected news outlets worldwide such as The Guardian, ABC News, The BBC and Huffington Post. Lensational volunteers have spoken about the organisation at 30 events in 10 countries, and over 4,000 people have seen our students’ photographs at exhibitions across the globe. We partner with brands and agencies on creative projects directly tapping into the talent of our women photographers across the globe.

Read our full impact report.